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Who We Are

We are an independent organization committed to providing truly impartial information and career guidance to Sri Lankan students. We are not aligned to any higher education institute listed or advertised here.

Who Is This Website For

This website is useful for anyone interested or involved in post secondary education in Sri Lanka.

Students after O/L - Whether you go to a state school (local O/L) or an international school (London O/L), there are a number of options available to enter into university education. Directly going in to a university pathway such as a foundation program instead of following A/L studies is a big decision. Therefore, it is very important to understand the various options available.

Students after A/L - With the limited number of spaces in state universities, it is vital to plan your career carefully. Students are always encouraged to select a higher education path, leading to a degree or a well recognized professional qualification, for a successful career. This is an important milestone in life and therefore you should carefully look at all things such as, your skills, passion, interests, A/L and O/L results, industries, professions, financial situation etc.. when making this important choice.

Early Career Professionals - This is a good website to evaluate your postgraduate study options in one place. You can search and compare different Certificate, Diploma, Masters and other Professional Qualification options using the "Find a Course" search facility.

Parents and Guardians - With the large number of institutions and courses advertised on newspapers etc.. it is very difficult to decide on the best higher education path for your children. This website will help you to avoid pitfalls and understand various higher education pathways and study options.

Teachers and Career Guidance Counsellors - This site acts as a useful source of information to guide your students effectively. You can also use our automated Career Advice page to help you in your councelling sessions.

Higher Education Institutes - Thousands of prospective students visit and make use of our website everyday. We aim to provide equal opportunity for all institutions to be visible in all relevant student segments in Sri Lanka and any foreign student aiming to study in Sri Lanka. You can do this by gaining access to your institute and course information web pages to keep them up-to-date. You can become one of the "Featured Institutes" to stand out in the crowd. Also, you can advertise with us and be sure that you will reach your target student segments efficiently and effectively.

How We Gather Institute and Course Information

We gather course details and information about institutes through their public websites. Although we try our best to keep our database up-to-date, we do not gurantee the accuracy of this information as they can change time to time. We also allow institutes to update their information on our site. However, this does not mean that is actively endorsing these institutes or courses.

How We Provide Career Guidance and Advice

We try to provide best possible career advice through our automated psychometric evaluation system. If you answer the questions honestly, you can be assured to receive useful career advice. We provide completely unbiased advice. We continuously improve our algorithms to provide better and relevant advice. However, students are adviced to discuss with their parents, teachers and professionals in the chosen career/industry, before making a final decision.


Advertisements are our main source of funding to keep providing a useful service to Sri Lankan students. Advertisements always appear clearly marked as 'Advertisements'. The advertisements allow institutions to provide up-to-date information, scholarships, open days, new courses, etc for the benefit of students.


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