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Date: 2017-06-20

It’s not about how smart you are. It is about what you are Smart at!

Everyone is good at something. This is called Multiple Intelligence.

Do a simple test and find out about yourself


Here is what you need to know about Multiple Intelligence.

When we spell out the term ‘Intelligence’, usually there is a perception that it is about Mathematical and Logical reasoning capacity of people. But this is not the reality. As human beings we all have 9 types of intelligences at different levels.

What are they?

1. Verbal-linguistic intelligence (Word smart) - Capability in using words and languages such as reading and writing.
2. Mathematical and Logical Intelligence (Number smart) - Capability in reasoning, mathematics and critical thinking
3. Spatial-visual intelligence (Picture smart) - Capability in spatial judgment and the ability to visualize
4. Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence (Body smart) - Control of bodily motions and skillful object handling
5. Musical intelligences (Music smart) - Sensitivity to sounds, rhythm, pitch, tones and melody
6. Interpersonal intelligence (People smart) - Ability to interact with others and sensitivity to others feelings
7. Intrapersonal intelligence (Self smart) - Sensitivity and understanding to one’s own feelings, goals and anxieties
8. Naturalist intelligence (Nature smart) - Understanding and seeing the patterns of nature
9. Existential intelligence (Life smart) - Sensitivity and capacity to tackle deep questions about human existence

Dr. Howard Gardner, a psychologist and a professor of Neuroscience from Harvard University introduced Multiple Intelligence theory of human beings. Our different intellectual capacities and combinations of these capacities make every one of us unique. Knowingly or unknowingly, our inner capacities influence our entire life.

How does it relate to our career?

If we can develop our career in an area where the required intellectual types match our Multiple Intelligence levels and combinations, then we can be very successful in our careers and in life.

How about higher education?

The stepping stone to a successful career is our education and higher education. Therefore, multiple intelligence plays a major role in determining our higher education pathway. However, unfortunately in Sri Lanka, most of the time students decide their A/L stream and degree program without having any idea about their unique intellectual capacities. Many of them realize those mistakes when they reach middle age of their life and when they look for their career growth. Therefore, if we have a clear understanding about our multiple intelligence capacities, we can get a better control of our career and life destinations.

How to test our multiple intelligence levels?

You can get a very good insight about your own Multiple Intelligence levels by doing this quick online test:
On the page, click the ‘Click to Get a Career Advice Now’ button. You will find a standardized short questionnaire to check your Multiple Intelligence levels and combinations. You will get an accurate result if you answer the questions honestly, thinking about yourself in a real way. The results will show your level of Multiple Intelligence capacities. Further, the result will indicate the best career matches based on your Multiple Intelligence levels and combinations. In addition to that, you will see the most relevant higher education programs available in Sri Lanka for your suitable careers.

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