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Are you thinking of studying abroad? Sri Lanka is the best place to study and earn an internationally recognized degree. UNIVERSITYGUIDE.LK is the right place to find higher education programs from almost all the higher education institutes and universities in Sri Lanka.

Why Study in Sri Lanka?

  • Obtain an internationally recognized university degree offered from a western country for a fraction of it's cost by doing it in Sri Lanka.

    Most of the private higher education institutes offer undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs from universities in foreign countries such as UK, US and Australia. These degree programs are offered in franchise mode, where quality assurance is carried out by the awarding university. Therefore, students obtain the same degree certificate as the students at the awarding parent university. One of the biggest advantages is that students can obtain the same degree at a fraction of the cost of actually attending the parent university in UK or Australia. Usually the cost of studying in Sri Lanka is one tenth (1/10) of the cost of studying in UK, to get exactly the same degree offered by the same UK university.

  • Booming and Competitive Higher Education Industry

    Higher education industry in Sri Lanka is booming and is very competitive. There are a number of institutes offering various degree programs from international universities. Students get good quality higher education and value for money due to high competition and low prices. Sri Lanka's education industry and the economy is set to grow further in the future.

  • High Academic Quality and International Recognition

    Some of the state universities in Sri Lanka rank among the best in South Asia. Although state universities mainly enrol Sri Lankan students for undergraduate degrees through the local A/L examinations, they do enrol foreign fee paying students as well. Private higher education institutes offer international degrees from highly reputed British, Australian, Asian and American universities.

  • Low Living Cost

    Sri Lanka is a developing country. Therefore, the cost of living is low compared to western countries and most other Asian countries with good higher education systems. Most higher education institutes and universities are situated in and around Colombo, which is the capital of Sri Lanka. Other universities are also placed near well established areas and cities.

  • English Medium Teaching

    English is the medium of instruction for almost all higher education programs in Sri Lanka. All communication between academic staff and students are generally conducted in English. The general population in Sri Lanka is fairly proficient in English. Foreign students find it very easy to integrate into student life in Sri Lanka.

  • Easy Student VISA Process

    Sri Lankan Government is highly committed to make Sri Lanka, the knowledge hub of Asia. Therefore, foreign students are highly encouraged to study in Sri Lankan higher education institutes. It is relatively very easy to apply and get student VISAs to study in Sri Lanka. Official information about the student VISA application process can be found here.

  • Friendly and Welcoming Culture

    Sri Lanka is world famous for its friendly and welcoming people. Foreigners are always welcome at any place or occasion. Therefore, you will not feel a stranger amongst Sri Lankan people. The Sri Lankan tradition is that there is always a warm and friendly welcome from warm and friendly people - whatever your nationality. Sri Lankan communities are multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious.

  • Top Tourist Destination

    Last but not least, Sri Lanka is a top tourist destination in the world. Sri Lanka is a tropical island set in the Indian Ocean in South Asia. The country has a history dating back to the birth of time. It is a place where nature’s beauty remains abundant and unspoilt. Sri Lanka has a remarkable combination of stunning landscapes, pristine beaches, captivating cultural heritage and unique experiences. Where can you find a better place to live and study?

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